Bio and Trivia

Hey! I'm Lissa and I'm a massive fan of romance. Really. There's nothing guilty about this pleasure.

I'm a city girl, but a part of my heart lives in the mountains and I visit it whenever I can. In fact, I visit wherever I can, whenever I can. My life centers around travel and the adventures it brings.

When I'm not exploring the world -- or working the day job that funds it -- I write romance starring women I wish I could grab a drink with, and men I'd be happy to have them bringing along.

Child-free by choice, I'm likely to pet any furry creature I meet, and once fostered a guinea pig in my college dorm room.

I hope to one day purchase a holiday home in a small Welsh village where I can share a bar with interesting characters, pet the dogs they allow in, and preserve it all in print to share with you.

Formal bio:
Lissa Linden writes contemporary romance about women she’d like to hang  out with, and the men who can keep up with them. When she’s not writing,  she’s either reading, traveling, or reading about traveling. Luckily,  her husband is completely on board with spontaneously booking trips to  say, eastern Europe. A proud history and languages nerd, Lissa is fluent  in Shakespearean insults and dirty jokes through the ages.